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Hay-Hut; SIGN OUT. Hayhut Round Bale Feeder. Hands Down Best Hay Feeder available MADE IN THE USA!!! The Hayhut is a robust,. In addition to the actual hay/cost savings, the use of large bale hay significantly reduces Labor costs! DIMENSIONS - 84" deep x 72" wide x 76" high. Hay Hut Round Bale Feeder Hay Feeder For Horses Horse Hay Hay Bales Stables Horse Stuff Horse Stables Straw Bales. Hayhuts are covered hay feeders which accommodate large round hay bales saving time & money. A Horse Hay Feeder from Hayhuts is a practical & economically efficient way to feed your horses. We find the hay huts are a huge labor savings while providing the horses better care and eliminating colic. We provide our horses access to unlimited feed by placing large round bales in the hut after removing the bale netting or several square bales. The hut works well for either type of hay and can hold up to 16 square bales.

This innovative product covers even the largest round bales completely, providing protection from the sun and the elements. Large 5x6, 1600lbs round bales fit or up to 16 square bales can also be stacked in a Hay Hut, something you cannot safely do with a traditional hay ring. Hay Bale Barn Hay Feeders / Hay Hut Legend Land Awesome round and square bale covers. The pay you back many times over by saving you hay waste and wasted time cleaning up the mess when the horses finish with unprotected hay.

Tired of hay going to waste due to the weather? A great solution would be one of the All Weather Hay Feeders! Manufactured from a heavy duty plastic, the All Weather Feeders provide protection from the elements year round. Designed for feeding round bales, but can work with square hay bales too. We suggest putting a pallet in place to keep. View the video see how easy it is to use. The four opening model just half of the 8 opening feeder can placed along a fence line or closed along the back. 2. SAVES HAY - by eliminating wastage due to bad weather and messy horses 3. SAVES MONEY - by reduced expenditure on hay and labor 4. SAVES TIME - usable life of hay bales is extended significantly 5. SAVES LABOR - extended times between feeding. 6. ALL WEATHER PROTECTION - very little rain or snow ingress through windows 7.

Slow-Feeder Hay Nets. A full bale or round bale net gives your horse hay 24/7, saving you time on re-fills and keeps your horse calmer and happier;. These nets can be used at ground level however if your horse is shod enclose the net in your hay hut, cattle feeder or a bin or hanging. Hay--feeding round bales FYI:. It is much easier for the cattle to pull the hay out from the bale, so there is more waste. Also, if you do not have many cattle at the bale and it lasts for a few days, any rain will go into the bale and ruin alot of it. Mine is getting kind of bent in some places because as the bale gets lower, they stand closer to it to eat and knock the sides with their legs. I do really like them, but it is harder to use them without a tractor. The round bales we get are pretty large and sometimes it's a real PITA to get the hay hut over it. Hay feeders from Agri Supply are made with round tubular steel, horizontal bars and vertical S bars to keep calves from getting inside. Our round bale feeders are made specifically as horse hay feeders or cattle hay feeders and should not be used interchangeably. My personal gelding is a real bully about hay, to the point where in the old round bale feeder standard cattle feeder every horse was doing the shuffle round and round the feeder endlessly. Having the Hay Hut has cut that behavior down significantly since I don't think he or the others feel like their space is being encroached upon anymore.

06/04/2017 · Delton in partnership with his brother Clayton demonstrate a unique hay feeder that can be used to feed small square bales along with large round and square bales. The unit is especially useful for those feeding horses or cattle if they are unable to feed them hay. Get the net that started it all! Take control of your large round and large square bales and get at least 94% of hay out of every bale with the Hay Chix® Large Bale Net 6'! With less hay waste, you'll save both time and money. Need Help Choosing the opening/mesh size? Click Here! Ideal for: Use in. By enclosing the hay it is protected from inclement weather and the ravages of horses. This wastage that can amount to in excess of one third of a round bale is almost totally eliminated by the Hayhut. SOLD-OUT! now accepting Pre-Orders! © 2002-2015. All Rights Reserved. 720 238-2190 Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site.

07/12/2019 · Be aware that when using hay nets, the round bale can collapse, and horses may be able to stand and pass manure or urine on the remaining hay. You can use a net with another feeder to avoid this problem. Hay intake and weight changes. Feeder design doesn’t affect the amount horses eat. The Western Pro Feeder is the safest and most efficient feeder on the market. Built from 12GA American Made Steel, This feeder will last for decades. Some other advantages of the hay huts include: - The 8mm thick PVC is infused with a UV stabiliser to increase the longevity of the Hay Hut - Contain impact resistant modifiers - Hay Huts are designed to be able to cover a 6 foot round bale. - Weight of them allow for ease of handling approx. 70-80kgs; lifting over round bales and rolling in. The Poly Place Hay Shack is the ultimate hay hut. It is tough, flexible and strong. The Hay Shack is designed to keep the hay dry and yet still provide. HAY HUTS are hitting the road and attending the following events. Pre Orders are welcome for collection at events but MUST be paid for before the Wednesday on the week of the event.

The Diller Hay Saving Large Bale Horse Feeder was designed with feedback from experts in the equine industry. The principal focus in the development of this horse feeder is a rack which restricts hay consumption and ground waste common to round bale hay feeders used for horses.

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